Stand Alone Solar Systems

What is a stand-alone solar system?

A stand alone solar system is the perfect solution for a renewable source of electricity if there is no power supply near your property. Due to being completely disconnected from the electrical grid, stand alone solar systems are sized to meet the household/business electricity demand. Excess electricity is stored in batteries and a back up generator is in place to cope with the electrical load if necessary.

How does a stand alone solar system work?

  • Direct current (DC) electricity generated by the solar panels is converted to alternating current (AC) via the inverter to power household appliances. Excess electricity that is not consumed by the premises is stored in batteries.
  • Stand alone solar systems are completely disconnected from a power supply or electrical grid.
  • Solar system is sized to meet the electrical demand of household/business.
  • Battery back up system to store excess electricity which is used as the source of electricity for night time.
  • A generator is in place for dull days/night time to assist with the electrical load if necessary.

Benefits of going off-grid

  • Never have an electricity bill again
  • Reduce carbon footprint and renewable energy
  • Ability to have electricity where there is no power supply.
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