Grid Connect

What is a grid connect solar system?

A grid connect solar system is an array of photovoltaic modules that collect energy produced by the sun. This is called DC electricity which is then converted to Alternating Current (AC) via the inverter which is necessary to power household appliances.

Grid connect solar systems generate electricity to meet the electrical demand of the premises however are also backed by the electrical grid to make up the difference. Any excess electricity that is produced by the solar system, can be exported back to the electrical grid, and credited towards your electricity bill which is known as a feed-in-tariff.

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How do grid connect solar systems work?

  • Direct current electricity generated by the solar panels is converted to alternating current via the inverter to power household appliances.
  • Excess Energy that is produced by the electrical grid is credited towards your electricity bill. Your energy retailer will credit this to your bill by what is known as a feed in tariff (approximately 11c per kwh).
  • On overcast days or at night, grid connect solar systems are backed the electrical grid to provide the difference in electricity needed to power the house.

Benefits of grid connect

  • Excess energy produced by the solar system can be credited towards your electricity bill.
  • Grid connect solar systems can meet electricity requirements of a household/business or supplement a part of.
  • Solar systems reduce the carbon footprint and are a renewable source of energy.
  • The inverters used by Abacus Energy are battery compatible, giving the solar system the ability for batteries to be added later to store excess energy.

What can affect the production of the solar system?

  • Shading can reduce the production of the solar system
  • Dust. If the solar panels are dirty/dusty, the production of panels is reduced.
  • Smoke. If there is a fire in the area, solar panels may be affected.


Abacus Energy Grid Connect Solutions

Hybrid Solar Systems

Hybrid solar systems are very similar to grid connect systems however they also have the ability to store excess electricity in batteries before exporting to the electrical grid. By storing the excess electricity in batteries, Hybrid solar systems reduce the electrical demand from the electrical grid.

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