How much is the Victorian Solar Rebate?

As of the 1st of July 2020, the Victorian solar rebate is up to a maximum of $1850. Subject to eligibility, there is also an interest free loan available to the amount equivalent of the Victorian rebate.


What size solar system do I need?

Abacus Energy will do the hard work for you. Our Clean Energy council accredited solar installers will complete a site inspection at the property to design a solar system that is tailored to your needs and budget.


 How is the electricity meter changed to a solar meter?

Once the solar installation is complete, Abacus Energy send your electricity retailer the relevant documents to get the electricity meter changed to a solar meter. It is recommended to stay with your retailer until the solar meter is changed.


Does the solar system require maintenance?

The Clean Energy council recommend annual maintenance of the solar system. Abacus Energy offer annual solar system maintenance checks. This involves checking all the components of the solar system, cleaning the solar panels, and providing a report of the maintenance check.


What is a feed-in tariff?

A feed in tariff is what the owner is paid for the electricity that is exported back into the electrical grid. Feed in tariffs vary in price between different electrical retailers.


What can affect the production of the solar panels?

Solar panels can be affected if the modules are dirty, if there is smoke in the area or the panels are shaded.

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